Two Kiwi Expats

Stats NZ estimate that in September 2017, permanent and long-term departures from New Zealand were 60,600 ( which I actually thought to be surprisingly high.

Boy and I make up part of that 60, 600!

I don’t think we ever made a deliberate decision to move to the UK - the idea evolved out of general “where do you want to travel/what should we do with a lives” type chats.

In July 2012, I said “I want to go to the 2016 Olympic in Rio! That would be so cool!” New Zealand was having a pretty successful campaign, so I was probably on some kind of Olympic Games buzz. Boy said “Why don’t we make it an actual trip and travel around the world, instead of just going to the Olympics?” And I thought, I guess that could work…

Fast forward to October 2016; Boy and I are sitting in Riccarton’s STA Office booking a one-way ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal. Our travel plans evolved, re-evolved, and re-evolved again in the years through university and work; “Let’s do south-east Asia, then travel across China and Russia in the Trans-Siberian express…or how about South America, then up to the States and Canada, and then straight over to the UK…or we could go to India, then do Europe, and stop in the UK for bit…or we could…or we could…or we could…”.

We eventually settled on going to Nepal for two months, India for three months, and then on to Europe. Before we left, the plan was to travel around Europe for a few months before settling in the UK, but, because I enjoy spending money on things, we had to settle down as soon as we arrived, so I could start working!

We arrived in London at the beginning of October, and stayed with our wonderful friend Vicky friend in Suffolk for one week before coming into London. Today we have officially been in London for one month! We have been living in our flat for five days now – before our flat we lived in a sublet for two weeks, on a friends couch for four nights before that, and an AirBnB for three nights before that! I think everyone who moves to London would agree that the first few weeks of living here are hellish! Living in random locations, out of a suitcase, isn’t exactly a fun time!

In hindsight, it’s quite nice to be in one place after wandering for six months, although I suspect this feeling won’t last and we will be on a place off somewhere else soon enough!

My next post is going to be about living in London, and my first impressions of what this great big city is like to a little ol’ Kiwi.

Bye for now!