My Version of a Magical Mystery Tour: Road Trip to Liverpool

My friend, Alicia, and I had decided that we wanted to go to Liverpool because we are fans of The Beatles. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and considering all of the options, the only course of action that worked for the both of us was to hire a car and go on a one-day road trip. Off we went on our magical mystery tour! We hired a car from Stansted Airport and set off at 7:30am. We were on the road for about four and a half hours so we arrived in Liverpool at one in the afternoon. The first stop was lunch. We parked at the Liverpool Mall and walked along toward the Cavern Quarter: 

The Cavern Quarter is home to lots of Beatles themed pubs and clubs – most importantly though, it is home to the Cavern Club. The Beatles played sets here, there and everywhere, but what makes the Cavern Club particularly special is that it is where the band manager, Brian Epstein, spotted them. I’ve listened to lots of interviews with each of The Beatles, and those that knew them, and they all say that had it not been for Epstein, The Beatles wouldn’t have become what they were. That’s why the Cavern Quarter is an important stop for any Beatles fan visiting Liverpool. Click here to find out more! 

We found the Cavern Quarter a bit too loud for lunch – most of the pubs had live music going on, and Alicia and I needed to plan out the day. After having lunch at a Wetherspoons at the end of the Cavern Quarter, we headed back down the main street to first take a photo with a statue of Cilla Black. Then, without really meaning to, we headed into the Magical History Museum: we learned about The Beatles through the different stages of their career, to see various instruments and pieces of equipment that had been used by each of the band members during the Beatles era, and to have a chat with several very knowledgeable guides.

The Magical History Museum is located in the Cavern Quarter, a couple of doors down from the Cavern Club. It houses a really wonderful collection of memorabilia. It is split into three levels to follow the three main “stages” of The Beatles career. You aren’t allowed to take any photos inside the museum, so I don’t have any to share unfortunately. I would recommend a visit if you’re a fan. It’s open eight days a week, from 10:00am to 7:00pm, and costs £15. Click here to find out more!

kicking it with our four main men! the beatles statue on the docks.

kicking it with our four main men! the beatles statue on the docks.

After an interesting and informative hour, we wandered down to the dock, in search of the famed Beatles Statue. There was a carnival happening on the dock, and we asked one of the food-truck vendors “Where is the Beatles statue?” He gave us a bemused look and said, “Which one, love? The most famous one? Just down there past the gin garden!” Of course it was just past a gin garden, we were in the UK! We spent a good 40 minutes here taking photos, helping other people take photos, chatting to people about the statue – it was a great time.  

The Beatles Statue is located in downtown Liverpool, on the Royal Albert Dock and features all four members cast in bronze. It was designed by artist Andy Edwards, unveiled in December 2015, and funded by none other than the Cavern Club. The plaque on the ground in front says “Last played in Liverpool at the Empire Theatre December 5th 1965…but they never really left. They are synonymous with this city. A tribute on behalf of fans worldwide.” Click here to find out more!  

After visiting the statue we wandered along the docks a bit more. The docks have been through a process of regeneration, and look really great; lots of vibrant bars and restaurants. I wanted to check out Anfield Stadium while we were in Liverpool but because we had to get back to London that evening, and it was about 6:00pm by this stage, we made the decision to save the Stadium visit for another day and go straight to Penny Lane. It was fortunate that we had hired a car to go up, rather than taking the train, because Penny Lane is located in the south of Liverpool, a bit out the city centre.

‘Penny Lane’ was released as a double ‘A’ side with ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and later featured on the LP ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ in 1967. It is where John and Paul used to catch the bus to go into town, visit the barber and the flower shop, and order a four of fish at the chip shop. The infamous sign painted onto the brick wall at the end of the lane has been covered now to protect Sir Paul’s signature! Click here to find out more!

“is in my ears, and in my eyes…” not the actual painted sign, but proof nonetheless!

“is in my ears, and in my eyes…” not the actual painted sign, but proof nonetheless!

After Penny Lane, it was about 8:00pm and we needed to drive back to London. What a whirlwind of a day! So much fun though, and I’m glad I was able to go with my friend Alicia (who is now completely obsessed). Liverpool is another place I would like to go back to; mainly so I’m able to check out some of the sights that aren’t Beatles related; Sefton Park, the Museum, Anfield Stadium to name a few!

My next post is going to be about our recent trip to Edinburgh - we were able to get to a few interesting shows at this year’s Fringe Festival.

Thanks for having us Liverpool! (P.S., I love you.)