J'aime Paris

Happy New Year!

Something a bit different this time; I created a little travel vlog of my weekend trip to Paris in November. I went for five days, with Alicia and Boy. The main reason was to watch Sir Paul McCartney on his Freshen Up tour (which was so amazing). The rest of the time in Paris was spent sightseeing around the city, eating cheese and drinking wine, and enjoying all the lovely-ness of Paris. We saw the Arc de Triomphe; walked along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées; went to the top of the Eiffel Tower; strolled about in the artists’ square in Montmarte; visited the Sacré-Cœur basilica, and went to the Louvre Museum. All the fun stuff!

The next post is going to be Part One of my ten favourite photos of 2018. Scrolling through my photos now, choosing ten is going to be quite a difficult task!

Bye for now,