Favourite Photos of 2018: Part Two

And now, Part Two. My remaining favourite photos of 2018:


6. Paros (Greece), July 2018: I love this photo, it brings back so many happy memories - and we nailed the jump shot! You can read more about my time in Greece https://www.thetravelkat.com/europe/2018/9/7/yassas-ten-days-in-greece or watch the Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgvK2-jgMds.


7. Liverpool (UK), August 2018: Another great picture, this time with my favourite band. Alicia and I drove to Liverpool for the day to check out some iconic Beatles landmarks. I wrote a blog post about this trip also https://www.thetravelkat.com/europe/my-version-of-a-magical-mystery-tour

2018-09-15 07.36.19.jpg

8. St John’s Wood (London, UK), September 2018: this picture was the result of another early start for Alicia and I. We decided that we wanted a picture walking across the pedestrian crossing outside Abbey Road Studios (you can see two people leaning against the white fence of the studios in the background - it’s quite a nondescript building). We arrived at the crossing at about 7:30am on a Sunday, and there were people that had already been there for half an hour beforehand! This was a really neat day - for two Beatles fans at least.


9. Paris (France), November 2018: this was taken outside the Notre-Dame. I don’t actually remember taking this photo so finding it was a lovely surprise; it’s now one of my favourites because it’s so happy. It was starting to get cold at this point, and it had been raining that afternoon so we were a bit damp, but still having a wonderful time - it’s Paris, how can you not? Check out the Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqCVnPvOUOY

2018-12-25 14.19.22.jpeg

10. Morella (Spain), December 2018: Boy, our friend Jared, and I, spent Christmas and New Year’s in Spain and this picture is my favourite one of our time there. We visited Morella for a day trip because it was named by various websites as of one of Spain’s prettiest villages, and I think it well and truly lived up to its title.

2018 was a fantastic year and I was very fortunate to have been able to do all of the things that I did. Of course, there are travel plans in the works for 2019 - although, it’s February now so I had better get a move on! The next post is going to be about our time in Spain.

Bye for now,