Favourite Photos of 2018: Part One

Like I said in my previous post, choosing my ten favourite photos was no easy task. I don’t consider myself particularly photo-happy but choosing ten photos out of the hundreds I took last year was challenging. Ultimately, a “favourite” photo was one that evoked happy memories!

Here are the first five of my favourite photos of 2018:


1. Famagusta (Cyprus), January 2018: Boy and I visited our friend Charlotte at the start of the year because her parents were living in Cyprus and we were offered a place to stay. We flew into Pafos, stayed in Larnaca, and spent the couple of days we had there travelling around the western side of the island. Cyprus is beautiful: sandy beaches, stunning mountainous terrain, great food (of course), and a relaxed, friendly vibe. This photo was taken at Famagusta.


2. Otley (Leeds), January 2018: Boy and I travelled up north to Leeds to meet my friend Jal and her husband Richard, who I met while at yoga teacher training in India the previous year. Jal and Richard spent Sunday afternoon with us, showing us around the city, going for a walk in Chevin Forest Park, and even taking us to the house my Dad grew up in (which was really special). In true yogi style, Jal and I tried a pose on this rock but my jeans and heavy winter jacket made it difficult to achieve.


3. Temple, February 2018: Definitely one of my favourites; snow was well and truly settling in London which, apparently, was unusual (it caused havoc - I was two hours late for work on this particular day because all the trains into the city from where I lived were cancelled and I had to walk for an hour). This was taken in front of Temple Church - I was just about to head to the theatre to catch the The Lion King with Vicky.


4. Westminster (London), April 2018: Alicia and I attended Dawn Service on Anzac Day last year which meant a very early start in order to be at New Zealand War Memorial in good time. It was a wonderful service and there was a really impressive turnout. After the service, we walked to work via Parliament Square and stopped at the statue of Millicent Fawcett which had been unveiled only the day before.


5. Molesey (Greater London), May 2018: this is Hampton Court Palace, which is where I spent my birthday and I don’t think I could have asked for nicer weather. I took the day off and had a great time learning about Henry VIII and Tudor History. Afterwards, I came back into the city and caught one of those Hop-on, Hop-off bus tours around the city.

There we have it - five of my favourite photos from 2018. The next post will be the remaining five!

Bye for now,